Know your Singapore courier company well before you use them

It is always best to know your counterparty well before you engage into a relationship with them. This is true when engaging courier services in Singapore as well. You should at least do some research about the Singapore courier company that you are going to engage mainly to see if it is a reliable company. Working with a reliable courier company will ensure smooth deliveries over the long term consistently. If you picked a poor courier company to work with, you will be having a lot of headaches due to logistics issues. The poor courier company may not be able to deliver your items timely. Worse, your parcels may be misplaced. These are definitely not the kind of issues that customers want from courier companies.

Here’s how you can research on the courier companies to understand if they are reliable.

Word of mouth
Word of mouth has been a powerful marketing method. This is simply because people seldom lie to their inner circle of friends and family members about their experiences with the service providers. You can almost always trust your inner social circle. Ask your inner social circle whether they have engaged courier services in Singapore. Follow up with a detailed review on the courier companies. The more information you get, the better decision you will be able to make.

When a company creates a Linkedin page, you know that the company is serious in the business. Linkedin is a great platform for businesses to market and for professionals and executives to network. When company decides to create a Linkedin page, they will usually dedicate resources to maintain the page. Frequent posts and news about the company will be created to interact with the Linkedin community. Only when a company is really serious about its brand image, it will create a Linkedin page. Such image-conscious companies are usually reliable in the service commitments. For instance, you can see that PCA Masters, a local courier company in Singapore, has its own Linkedin page –

Review Sites
Apart from your inner social circle, you can also find out more about the Singapore courier company via independent review sites. From these review sites, you can learn about the reputation of these companies. Just make sure that the reviewers are not fake profiles. You can check out the profiles of the reviewers by clicking on their names. If the reviewers have incomplete profiles such as missing pictures or occupation, chances are they may be fake profiles created to influence the reputation of the company.

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