List Of Top Courier Companies In Singapore

There are lots of Singapore courier companies but only a few are truly worth their salt. Here are some of the best courier companies you should be engaging in Singapore if you require their courier services for your important documents and/or gifts. This is the case even if you’re an E-commerce business owner and require someone to help distribute your goods out to your customers islandwide within Singapore.

First of all, it would be PCAMasters. Founded only in late 2015, they quickly grew from 5 to 25 staff (maybe more now) within a few short months with their organic growth. The only reason they’re able to clinch big customers and win the hearts of many is simply because of the way they operate. If you check out their website, you will realize that they work a lot more hours than most other companies in Singapore. They work till 9pm at night and they reply emails (if any) later than that sometimes, showing their pure dedication to customer service and experience – that’s a strong plus point.

Second of all, if you’re looking for large item deliveries in Singapore, then you should be looking at moving companies instead. One of the very top large item delivery / moving companies in Singapore ought to be Shalom Movers. Having a large fleet of workers, they are able to cater to your moving needs. Moving house or office can be a big pain, especially if your office or house is not a landed property, as you would need to move items and furniture up and down stairs or lifts, which can be really troublesome. Instead of breaking items, just engage a professional like Shalom Movers instead!

Third of all, if you’re looking for extremely heavy item moving such as factory machinery or items which require container trucks, then perhaps Poh Tiong Choon is a good choice. An old company in Singapore, Poh Tiong Choon Logistics is one of the more established companies in the region when it comes to container trucks, warehousing and/or the like.

The above are some of the best courier and/or delivery companies in Singapore which you can engage.

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