Singapore logistics industry is built for both the retail and commercial market

In Singapore, the logistics industry is built for both the retail and commercial market. By retail market, I refer to the mass consumer market. This means that both the mass consumers like you and I as individuals, as well as businesses in Singapore are able to engage logistics services from the logistics companies. There are a lot of different kinds of logistics services in the Singapore market.

The most common one is the courier service. Courier service is heavily used by both the retail market and the commercial market. No matter if you are an individual consumer or representing a large corporation, you will be able to access the delivery service provided by courier companies in Singapore. Of course, due to the much larger courier delivery volume demanded by the corporations, the service fee offered to them is usually much lower than the regular rates charged to individual consumers. These corporations simply have much larger bargaining power as compared to the individual consumers. Courier delivery service is segmented into two types – parcel delivery and document delivery. Parcel courier delivery is dominating the market now, especially as E-Commerce businesses sell more items to consumers. Hence, courier companies are buying more vans as a result in order to fulfill the parcel deliveries. A lot of businesses use their van delivery service instead of carrying out the deliveries themselves. A motorbike will not be able to take in significant volume of parcels. They are better off used for document deliveries as they can hold more documents. Thus, the biker will be able to deliver more documents to more locations, maximizing his time.

Next, let’s talk about the moving service. Moving service is differentiated from courier service, mainly due to the size of the items. If you want to transport large items such as furniture and tables, you will contact a logistics company in Singapore providing the moving service, instead of courier service. For example, if you want to move items from your old house to your new house, or you are in charge of relocating your office to a new location. Moving service is available to both individual consumers and the large corporations as well. Similar to courier service, the rates offered to the corporations are lower in terms of price per unit as the scale of the moving operations is often much larger for commercial moving project as compared to residential moving project.

Finally, there is a dangerous good logistics service. Although the main target market is corporations, individual consumers are able to make a purchase if they want to send dangerous goods. As individual consumers rarely engage dangerous goods logistics service, most people do not know how to engage such services when the need arises.

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