Process of the delivery service request in Singapore

Whether you want to engage a courier company for e-commerce deliveries or for ad hoc deliveries, you will need to know the process of the delivery service request. The delivery service request process may be different across countries. Usually, the companies within the same country will adopt the same delivery request process to make it easy to understand for the customers.

In Singapore, there are a few top logistics companies such as Speedpost, DHL, FedEx and PCA Masters.

There are different delivery service request processes for e-commerce deliveries and ad hoc deliveries. If you do not have the time to read the content below, you can send your delivery request here

For e-commerce deliveries
Before a company can request for delivery services for his/her e-commerce items, the company needs to register a corporate account with the delivery company. Some details which are needed by the delivery company are item description, estimated delivery volume and weight of items. The delivery company will then provide a quotation for the delivery services.

Once accepted by the e-commerce companies, the deliveries can begin. Whenever the e-commerce companies need their items delivered by the logistics company, they will send a delivery list to the logistics company via email or application technology (for example, API). The delivery list will contain information such as number of items, delivery locations, and recipient details. Upon receipt of the delivery list, the logistics company will send couriers down to collect the items and send out the items within the deadline specified by the customer (e-commence companies).

The billing of the delivery services is normally consolidated and done at the end of the month.

For ad hoc deliveries
In Singapore, the delivery service request for ad hoc deliveries is mainly done through phone communication, application technology, and email.

Phone communication has been the dominant way to request for delivery service for decades. Simply dial up the company office number and talk to the customer service staff to request for your delivery service. Delivery details can be confirmed within minutes of the phone conversation.

If not, you can also email your delivery request to the courier company. The time taken to confirm the delivery will be longer – usually about 5 to 20 minutes.

Moreover, you can also request your delivery via application technology which is adopted by some companies in Singapore. You will be able to get instant quotation and confirmation of your delivery request via the application technology. However, usually the couriers are outsourced and delivery standards are not consistent.

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