Engaging A Courier Company For E-commerce Deliveries

If you’re an E-commerce business owner, then perhaps you must have considered whether you should engage a courier company like PCAMasters.com – Singapore, get an in house deliveryman or simply perform the deliveries yourself.

Here is a comparison of the various methods in which you can get your deliveries performed for your goods sold.

  • If you were to engage a courier company in SG, they would usually be able to handle everything with respect to your deliveries right from the start. They will be handling the items once you engage their services – there is no need to schedule the deliveries e.t.c. as well as they will be the ones who do it. Additionally, you will not need to worry about any human resources management issues such as payroll and planning your employees’ leave schedule e.t.c. It would be extremely straightforward.
  • If you were to get an in house deliveryman (e.g. hired a driver as an employee), then you will need to monitor his or her performance strictly and always stay updated with his or her work. Additionally, you would also need to pay CPF (if the hired employee is a Singaporean) and a fixed pay to him or her regardless of the delivery volume required in that month. This means that you might incur losses on certain months because you would have high fixed costs in the form of employees’ salary.
  • If you were to perform the deliveries yourself, it would be a bad allocation of time. To be a successful E-commerce business owner, you must work on the business, and not in the business (wherever possible). To really make a company grow, you need more sales, and focus the vast majority of your efforts on growing the sales instead of focusing on servicing the sale. If you’re delivering everything by yourself, you lose precious time which you could be putting to use to growing your business to the next level instead.

As you can see the mass volume of deliveries which may be required of companies from the video below, you will now understand why it’s better to hire an expert – e.g. a logistics company to do all of these for you instead. If even UPS and FedEx can have some delays, imagine a normal E-commerce business owner like yourself doing the work. You would go crazy!

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