Singapore Courier Services And Deliveries – What To Know

The courier services and delivery industry is different in every country, and that is exactly the case for Singapore as well.  Here are some things you should note about delivery services when you engage the courier services of a Singapore company.

When it comes to local deliveries, most courier companies in Singapore will either use a motorbike, van or car to get your items delivered. There is no need for any airplanes nor helicopters as Singapore is only 40km across the island.

If you were to deliver documents, most courier services in Singapore will be rendered by a person riding a motorbike, as they are able to deliver large volumes of documents within a short period of time due to the speed in which they can navigate traffic.

If you were to deliver small parcels, sometimes the courier company will dispatch a rider to pick it up from you to be stored at the back of the motorcycle. However, if you were to deliver large parcels, the courier company will definitely get a van driver or car driver to pick it up from you instead.

Most courier companies in Singapore start with a base price, and then charge distance based pricing and/or outskirt charges on that. So definitely do not be alarmed as this is the standard practice in Singapore.

Not every courier company needs you to pack your to-be-delivered items in a certain packaging or box. Many courier companies allow you to deliver your items on an ‘as-is’ basis. If you need to send hampers or gifts, you should work with such courier firms. No point working with those which force you to bubble wrap everything – can you imagine bubble wrapping a gift to someone? lol.

Some courier companies allow you to pay cash on collection, while others only allow bank transfers or credit card payment. The best courier companies in the country allow you for both. However, do take note that most Singapore companies only allow corporations to owe them on a credit basis. Individuals are usually required to pay up front before the delivery is ever conducted. This is because corporations can be billed and asked for payment easily versus an individual consumer who may have left the country afterwards, leaving the courier company with potentially lots of bad debt.

Alright, with that said, you should have a much better understanding of local courier deliveries in Singapore.

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