Need Town To Town Courier Services In Singapore?

Lots of companies need to deliver items rapidly and to many different places within the Central Business District of Singapore, and to speed things up while keeping costs low, many companies have used courier companies instead of wasting their employees’ time and productivity delivering items and documents instead of doing their work.


There are courier companies which specialize in ad hoc van deliveries for individuals, while others specialize in document deliveries. Most companies, are a mix of each other. However, I have found a company which is great if you need courier deliveries for town to town documents. Almost their whole company focuses on delivering documents, cheques e.t.c. through their team of specialized and highly trained motorbike couriers.

When it comes to town to town courier services, here are several things which you might want to take note of:

  1. Make sure to work with a responsible and reputable courier company. This is because the motorbike courier would likely be carrying a lot of different important documents and cheques in his motorbike’s boot. If they were not careful, they may mix up the items. That is bad because you usually only courier important documents, or you would have sent it via mail.
  2. Work with a responsive company. Many courier companies in Singapore don’t even let their clients know once the delivery has been conducted. That is a bad boo boo. I think it’s extremely important to know that my package or items have been successfully received by my intended recipient.
  3. Speed and punctuality is of the essence when it comes to town to town CBD deliveries. This is because many times you may need the courier to help you process some documents at a bank. If they don’t reach the bank on time, the bank will not be able to help you process that order within the same working day. This is because most banks close around 4pm. That makes timing extremely important.
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Know your Singapore courier company well before you use them

It is always best to know your counterparty well before you engage into a relationship with them. This is true when engaging courier services in Singapore as well. You should at least do some research about the Singapore courier company that you are going to engage mainly to see if it is a reliable company. Working with a reliable courier company will ensure smooth deliveries over the long term consistently. If you picked a poor courier company to work with, you will be having a lot of headaches due to logistics issues. The poor courier company may not be able to deliver your items timely. Worse, your parcels may be misplaced. These are definitely not the kind of issues that customers want from courier companies.

Here’s how you can research on the courier companies to understand if they are reliable.

Word of mouth
Word of mouth has been a powerful marketing method. This is simply because people seldom lie to their inner circle of friends and family members about their experiences with the service providers. You can almost always trust your inner social circle. Ask your inner social circle whether they have engaged courier services in Singapore. Follow up with a detailed review on the courier companies. The more information you get, the better decision you will be able to make.

When a company creates a Linkedin page, you know that the company is serious in the business. Linkedin is a great platform for businesses to market and for professionals and executives to network. When company decides to create a Linkedin page, they will usually dedicate resources to maintain the page. Frequent posts and news about the company will be created to interact with the Linkedin community. Only when a company is really serious about its brand image, it will create a Linkedin page. Such image-conscious companies are usually reliable in the service commitments. For instance, you can see that PCA Masters, a local courier company in Singapore, has its own Linkedin page –

Review Sites
Apart from your inner social circle, you can also find out more about the Singapore courier company via independent review sites. From these review sites, you can learn about the reputation of these companies. Just make sure that the reviewers are not fake profiles. You can check out the profiles of the reviewers by clicking on their names. If the reviewers have incomplete profiles such as missing pictures or occupation, chances are they may be fake profiles created to influence the reputation of the company.

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Who Should Use Courier Services In Singapore?

Here are a bunch of people whom I believe courier services will benefit the most.

First of all, it would be the busy executives working in top positions in various companies, and is especially applicable for self-employed, high ranking professionals like real estate agency managers and insurance directors e.t.c. These are people whose time are super precious to them. In such a situation, it would be more worth it for them to courier items through their assistants rather than doing that themselves. This is because the time spent couriering items would be better spent by them getting more deals and sales! Time is precious for the self employed – no joke.

Second of all, if you are outside at an event or perhaps even on a simple date or even overseas, but you need to perform a particular delivery in Singapore, then the best choice would be to use a dependable courier company like There may be times where you are busy on an important date or overseas, however, you may require a very urgent delivery that none of your friends or family members are around or are able to help out with. In such a situation you would ideally need to engage the services of a well trusted and reputable courier company to help you out with the delivery required.

Third of all, you may be managing an Ecommerce business which requires constant and/or increasing amount of deliveries. This means that if you were to perform these deliveries yourself, you would lose precious time which you should be putting to use to market and grow your business even more.

Fourthly, if you’re stuck at work or school but forgot to bring something really important, why trouble a relative to do it for you? Simply courier it.

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List Of Top Courier Companies In Singapore

There are lots of Singapore courier companies but only a few are truly worth their salt. Here are some of the best courier companies you should be engaging in Singapore if you require their courier services for your important documents and/or gifts. This is the case even if you’re an E-commerce business owner and require someone to help distribute your goods out to your customers islandwide within Singapore.

First of all, it would be PCAMasters. Founded only in late 2015, they quickly grew from 5 to 25 staff (maybe more now) within a few short months with their organic growth. The only reason they’re able to clinch big customers and win the hearts of many is simply because of the way they operate. If you check out their website, you will realize that they work a lot more hours than most other companies in Singapore. They work till 9pm at night and they reply emails (if any) later than that sometimes, showing their pure dedication to customer service and experience – that’s a strong plus point.

Second of all, if you’re looking for large item deliveries in Singapore, then you should be looking at moving companies instead. One of the very top large item delivery / moving companies in Singapore ought to be Shalom Movers. Having a large fleet of workers, they are able to cater to your moving needs. Moving house or office can be a big pain, especially if your office or house is not a landed property, as you would need to move items and furniture up and down stairs or lifts, which can be really troublesome. Instead of breaking items, just engage a professional like Shalom Movers instead!

Third of all, if you’re looking for extremely heavy item moving such as factory machinery or items which require container trucks, then perhaps Poh Tiong Choon is a good choice. An old company in Singapore, Poh Tiong Choon Logistics is one of the more established companies in the region when it comes to container trucks, warehousing and/or the like.

The above are some of the best courier and/or delivery companies in Singapore which you can engage.

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Singapore logistics industry is built for both the retail and commercial market

In Singapore, the logistics industry is built for both the retail and commercial market. By retail market, I refer to the mass consumer market. This means that both the mass consumers like you and I as individuals, as well as businesses in Singapore are able to engage logistics services from the logistics companies. There are a lot of different kinds of logistics services in the Singapore market.

The most common one is the courier service. Courier service is heavily used by both the retail market and the commercial market. No matter if you are an individual consumer or representing a large corporation, you will be able to access the delivery service provided by courier companies in Singapore. Of course, due to the much larger courier delivery volume demanded by the corporations, the service fee offered to them is usually much lower than the regular rates charged to individual consumers. These corporations simply have much larger bargaining power as compared to the individual consumers. Courier delivery service is segmented into two types – parcel delivery and document delivery. Parcel courier delivery is dominating the market now, especially as E-Commerce businesses sell more items to consumers. Hence, courier companies are buying more vans as a result in order to fulfill the parcel deliveries. A lot of businesses use their van delivery service instead of carrying out the deliveries themselves. A motorbike will not be able to take in significant volume of parcels. They are better off used for document deliveries as they can hold more documents. Thus, the biker will be able to deliver more documents to more locations, maximizing his time.

Next, let’s talk about the moving service. Moving service is differentiated from courier service, mainly due to the size of the items. If you want to transport large items such as furniture and tables, you will contact a logistics company in Singapore providing the moving service, instead of courier service. For example, if you want to move items from your old house to your new house, or you are in charge of relocating your office to a new location. Moving service is available to both individual consumers and the large corporations as well. Similar to courier service, the rates offered to the corporations are lower in terms of price per unit as the scale of the moving operations is often much larger for commercial moving project as compared to residential moving project.

Finally, there is a dangerous good logistics service. Although the main target market is corporations, individual consumers are able to make a purchase if they want to send dangerous goods. As individual consumers rarely engage dangerous goods logistics service, most people do not know how to engage such services when the need arises.

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Process of the delivery service request in Singapore

Whether you want to engage a courier company for e-commerce deliveries or for ad hoc deliveries, you will need to know the process of the delivery service request. The delivery service request process may be different across countries. Usually, the companies within the same country will adopt the same delivery request process to make it easy to understand for the customers.

In Singapore, there are a few top logistics companies such as Speedpost, DHL, FedEx and PCA Masters.

There are different delivery service request processes for e-commerce deliveries and ad hoc deliveries. If you do not have the time to read the content below, you can send your delivery request here

For e-commerce deliveries
Before a company can request for delivery services for his/her e-commerce items, the company needs to register a corporate account with the delivery company. Some details which are needed by the delivery company are item description, estimated delivery volume and weight of items. The delivery company will then provide a quotation for the delivery services.

Once accepted by the e-commerce companies, the deliveries can begin. Whenever the e-commerce companies need their items delivered by the logistics company, they will send a delivery list to the logistics company via email or application technology (for example, API). The delivery list will contain information such as number of items, delivery locations, and recipient details. Upon receipt of the delivery list, the logistics company will send couriers down to collect the items and send out the items within the deadline specified by the customer (e-commence companies).

The billing of the delivery services is normally consolidated and done at the end of the month.

For ad hoc deliveries
In Singapore, the delivery service request for ad hoc deliveries is mainly done through phone communication, application technology, and email.

Phone communication has been the dominant way to request for delivery service for decades. Simply dial up the company office number and talk to the customer service staff to request for your delivery service. Delivery details can be confirmed within minutes of the phone conversation.

If not, you can also email your delivery request to the courier company. The time taken to confirm the delivery will be longer – usually about 5 to 20 minutes.

Moreover, you can also request your delivery via application technology which is adopted by some companies in Singapore. You will be able to get instant quotation and confirmation of your delivery request via the application technology. However, usually the couriers are outsourced and delivery standards are not consistent.

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Engaging A Courier Company For E-commerce Deliveries

If you’re an E-commerce business owner, then perhaps you must have considered whether you should engage a courier company like – Singapore, get an in house deliveryman or simply perform the deliveries yourself.

Here is a comparison of the various methods in which you can get your deliveries performed for your goods sold.

  • If you were to engage a courier company in SG, they would usually be able to handle everything with respect to your deliveries right from the start. They will be handling the items once you engage their services – there is no need to schedule the deliveries e.t.c. as well as they will be the ones who do it. Additionally, you will not need to worry about any human resources management issues such as payroll and planning your employees’ leave schedule e.t.c. It would be extremely straightforward.
  • If you were to get an in house deliveryman (e.g. hired a driver as an employee), then you will need to monitor his or her performance strictly and always stay updated with his or her work. Additionally, you would also need to pay CPF (if the hired employee is a Singaporean) and a fixed pay to him or her regardless of the delivery volume required in that month. This means that you might incur losses on certain months because you would have high fixed costs in the form of employees’ salary.
  • If you were to perform the deliveries yourself, it would be a bad allocation of time. To be a successful E-commerce business owner, you must work on the business, and not in the business (wherever possible). To really make a company grow, you need more sales, and focus the vast majority of your efforts on growing the sales instead of focusing on servicing the sale. If you’re delivering everything by yourself, you lose precious time which you could be putting to use to growing your business to the next level instead.

As you can see the mass volume of deliveries which may be required of companies from the video below, you will now understand why it’s better to hire an expert – e.g. a logistics company to do all of these for you instead. If even UPS and FedEx can have some delays, imagine a normal E-commerce business owner like yourself doing the work. You would go crazy!

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Singapore Courier Services And Deliveries – What To Know

The courier services and delivery industry is different in every country, and that is exactly the case for Singapore as well.  Here are some things you should note about delivery services when you engage the courier services of a Singapore company.

When it comes to local deliveries, most courier companies in Singapore will either use a motorbike, van or car to get your items delivered. There is no need for any airplanes nor helicopters as Singapore is only 40km across the island.

If you were to deliver documents, most courier services in Singapore will be rendered by a person riding a motorbike, as they are able to deliver large volumes of documents within a short period of time due to the speed in which they can navigate traffic.

If you were to deliver small parcels, sometimes the courier company will dispatch a rider to pick it up from you to be stored at the back of the motorcycle. However, if you were to deliver large parcels, the courier company will definitely get a van driver or car driver to pick it up from you instead.

Most courier companies in Singapore start with a base price, and then charge distance based pricing and/or outskirt charges on that. So definitely do not be alarmed as this is the standard practice in Singapore.

Not every courier company needs you to pack your to-be-delivered items in a certain packaging or box. Many courier companies allow you to deliver your items on an ‘as-is’ basis. If you need to send hampers or gifts, you should work with such courier firms. No point working with those which force you to bubble wrap everything – can you imagine bubble wrapping a gift to someone? lol.

Some courier companies allow you to pay cash on collection, while others only allow bank transfers or credit card payment. The best courier companies in the country allow you for both. However, do take note that most Singapore companies only allow corporations to owe them on a credit basis. Individuals are usually required to pay up front before the delivery is ever conducted. This is because corporations can be billed and asked for payment easily versus an individual consumer who may have left the country afterwards, leaving the courier company with potentially lots of bad debt.

Alright, with that said, you should have a much better understanding of local courier deliveries in Singapore.

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